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Electrify vehicle humidity control with the ID-A300. The ID-A300 is a rechargeable electric dehumidifier for use in cars, vans, motorhomes or any other vehicle. The dehumidifier combines mobility with power when handling your moisture problems.
It requires no external power supply or trailing wires while dehumidifying. When the ID-A300 is full of moisture it is ready to be recharged. Take it from your vehicle and connect it to mains electricity. After the absorbed moisture has evaporated, you can
use it as new. Utilizing a composite case that is lighter, stronger and has superior heat resistance, the ID-A300 is in a quality and safety class of its own. The ID-A300 car-dehumidifier
comes with a 5-year warranty. The ID-A300 is guaranteed to impress you with its build quality and excellent moisture removal capabilities.
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