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The most important quality is that this amplifier works with Plug & Play. Everything works without configuration. PicoKom apartment amplifier Ref. 560,601 has AGC for automatic control of gain. The band is up to 2150 MHz and can be used even when the TV / SAT filter. Ref 560601 enhances the TV band by 15 dB and satellite
(MF) by 23 dB. The amplifier is also equipped with pass-function satellite receiver signals. (13/18 v), DiSECqC and 22kHz tone. Televes Picokom series feature the industry's first intelligent home amplifier. The technology always
ensures that you get the optimum gain and output. Moreover, with dual outputs. Only a SAT receiver can be fully used simultaneously. Other valuable features is that even a consumer should be able to connect the amplifier without
wrenches or contacts. No other amplifier with corresponding functions can be displayed on lower power consumption. Last but not least, you will appreciate the amplifier's peak performance!
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